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“The first one I got had it’s lid’s seal not properly glued in or something and leaked. Contacted customer service and got a new bottle. This one’s hinge is too soft and the lid will just hit me in the face while I’m drinking out of it. Yesterday it had maybe a two foot drop as I knelt down to pick something up and the bottom cracked open, completely. So the bottle lasted maybe 8 months. Despite this, I actually really like the water bottle for some reason, like, I like how easy it is to fill and drink out of.”


“I needed a reusable bottle that I could carry more than 500ML of water and was easy to clean. The Nalgene bottles of similar size don’t have a spout that is easily washable. This bottle’s spout is easily washable. The lock is also a great design. I never have to worry about it opening inadvertently and spilling all over my backpack. I also purchased the smaller 500ML bottle for use at the gym and it’s also a great bottle. Over all, this is a solid water bottle and I’m more than happy with the purchase.”


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